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Thursday, 26 May 2022 14:32 PM

[Live] Lopoke amritsar cup 22jan2022 Kabaddi Tournament 22 Jan 2022

🔴[Live] 🔴[Live] Lopokoe amritsar cup 22jan2022  Kabaddi Tournament 22 Jan 2022Kabaddi Tournament 17 Jan 2022
Waheguru Simran Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Riar | Shabad Gurbani Simran Kirtan Live | Waheguru Jaap
Waheguru Simran - Shabad Kirtan Gurbani – Waheguru Jaap Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Riar - Shabad Gurbani Kirtan Live - Nitnem Bani - Satnam Waheguru

A new soothing and relaxing Gurbani Shabad is uploaded every morning at our channel, sung by renowned Ragi Jathas and Hazuri Ragi Amritsar spreading the message of humanity. The New Shabads add to our melodious collection of latest Shabads, Gurbani Kirtan, Simran and Path recited soulfully. Do Subscribe beginning your day with The Divine Bani every morning and click the Bell Icon for all the new videos notifications.

Shabad : Waheguru Simran
Album: Waheguru Simran
Voice and Composition: Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Riar
Project Coordinator: Ajit Pal Singh
Creative Consultant: Harpreet Singh 
Label: Frankfinn Devotionals (FECPL) 
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