Who is more powerful?

Bedtime Stories
Friday, 28 January 2022 12:52 PM

Once upon a time, the Sun and the Wind had a quarrel. "I am more powerful than you," the Wind remarked. "No, you aren't," the Sun stated emphatically. At that precise moment, they noticed a traveller crossing the road. He wore a scarf around his neck. The Sun and the Wind agreed that whomever could separate the traveller from his shawl was the more powerful of the two.

The initial turn was taken by the Wind. He blew hard enough to rip the traveller's shawl from his shoulders. The traveller's grasp on the shawl to his body tightened as he blew harder. The conflict continued until the Wind's turn came to an end.

It was now the Sun's turn. The Sun gave a warm smile. The warmth of the beaming Sun was felt by the voyager. He eventually let the shawl fall open. The Sun's grin got hotter and hotter as the day progressed. The tourist didn't need his shawl anymore. He removed it and tossed it to the ground. The Sun has been deemed to be more powerful than the Wind.

The moral of the story is that brute force can't achieve what a soft smile can.

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