What cartoon character had the best character development and why?

Samar Rahi
Wednesday, 26 May 2021 15:27 PM

According to my bleak reading spectrum of comic books, I find the graphic novel “Watchmen” very strong in the development and even designing of the characters. Rorschach and Doctor Manhatten stood out for me personally. But this does not mean that other characters were not developed well over the duration of the comic’s premise. Rorschach is a character that wants to see justice through and through. He is tired of being patient about being more humane towards criminals. His past explains his present. He is the only one who has completely lost touch with his real human self. He sees himself as “Rorscach” in its entirety. This leads him to investigate the murders and lead to the final conclusion. Dr. Manhatten, as a result of the experiment, becomes an immortal being. The character arc is very complex, yet the evolution is organic. He ultimately leaves earth as he knows nothing anyone does can change the course of time. He just wants to observe. I think these characters are very life like in their arcs because in real life, everyone thinks they are the protagonist, and to treat every character without any societal bias is an art not known to many.

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