United we have to rise

Thursday, 08 July 2021 14:59 PM

One day a group of doves was flying together when they came across some seeds scattered on the ground. When the doves had just landed to get them, a hunter waiting nearby threw a net trapping them. Trapped under the net the doves started to panic about how to escape. The leader of the doves advised, "If we try to fly away separately, in our way then we won't be able to escape. Let us be united and fly together." The doves started flying together and lifted the net using their combined strength; they flew to a tree where their mouse-friend lived. The mouse cut the net and freed them.

While we, upon taking birth, are working out our evolution, we are all caught up, on account of our ignorance (as of the hunter), in this intricate mesh of samsara (ways of the world) and the net of the Laws of Karma. While the struggle seems imminent, we humans need to unite and together raise our intellect (like the doves flying up together with a collective force of their wings) to perch our existence upon the tree of the evolutionary process, where our friend the mouse of discrimination can help us cut asunder this net of Karma, sensitizing our intellect and thus aiding us in cultivating the softer qualities of lifelike warmth and compassion. This arrival of heart culture would resonate our hearts in unison, giving a beautiful rhythm of universal emotion of ATMA-BHAVA, ONENESS.
The raise of our intellect is equivalent to quantum physics. We, at times, forget to use the intellect and do not trust our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind tells us the truth and helps us to drive our emotions to the right path. It is required to be ignited. This ignition happens through meditation and also mind mapping. We should always take a moment for introspection and understand the correct path. Being positive helps our minds and health to prosper. If we prosper internally then we can achieve those moments that we dream. We can easily reach our objectives and can succeed in our works. There should never be any collisions or conflicts. Our minds would make impromptu decisions and would drive through smoother paths. The barriers would break into pieces and, people would start loving you. When there is love and emotions, it becomes easy to zeal and works along with the team. 

A note of caution:

If I am not waking up to the need to raise my intellect then, I would be solely responsible for being a non-cooperative individual in lifting the net of the Laws of Karma, depriving the others trapped alongside me in this net to experience evolution. Remember, this net contains all of us! It starts from my family, contains my society, locality, the office where we work, the country, and the entire world.
Thus, we all need to raise our intellect by a collective force of our minds. We are to harmonize our intellect and sensitized the same to be transformed into an emotion of ATMA-BHAVA, ONENESS.

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