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Everyone wishes they could go back in time and relive their childhood. Childhood is frequently referred to as the best period of a person's life because it is driven by dreams and a functioning creative mind. Children frequently believe that their favourite kid's shows will air and then rush to class to watch them with their friends. Despite engaging in tiresome activities such as playing, drawing, and, in any case, battling with their siblings, children enjoy staring at the television on a regular basis. Currently, because they are far more imaginative than adults, they watch cartoon shows more because they provide an escape from the present reality.

With so many cartoon shows for kids, We presents the Top 10 Best Cartoons in India, one that kids will enjoy watching and will not blink while these shows are on.

1)      DORAEMON

Children may fight with you if you disturb them while they are watching Doraemon, a Japanese cartoon character who is shown to enjoy his life in a unique way. Fujiko Fujio wrote the script and narrated it. It first aired on Hungama, then on Disney, and now on Cartoon Network.


2)      Ninja-Hattori

It is the best cartoon in Asian countries and provides moral support to children. It is not only limited to television shows, but they can also use it in the form of animated series, video games, and movies.


3)      Chota Bheem

Animation technology is gradually gaining popularity as a result of various benefits such as communication, self-articulation, story-telling, and so on. Similarly, Chota Bheem is popular among both children and adults. The plot revolves around the character Bheem, who gains power by devouring Laddu.


4)      Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs

As his best companions, Harry and his six dinosaurs toy are narrated in the show. The plot revolves around Harry, his life, and the adventures he has with his dinosaurs.


5)      Hagemaru

Another Japanese series scripted by Shinbo Nomura that is lots of fun and curiosity for children. While viewing this in the past, children have grown to love the character Hagemaru.


6)      Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is regarded as one of the most well-known and influential film on-screen figures of the silent film era. Kids can now enjoy him in the form of an animated cartoon show. His character has the ability to make children laugh and enjoy every moment of their youth.




7)      Sally Bollywood

Sally, the female heroine who enjoys investigation, dancing, and athletics, has become today's most popular cartoon for children. The show airs on the Kids Zone channel. It's entertaining to watch Sally's wild life.


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8)      Roll No. 21

On Cartoon Network, Krishna and Lord are referred to as Kris and Kansa, respectively. The character's job is to protect the Mathura children, and while watching this, children may undoubtedly learn a lot about how to protect others.


9)      Pakdam Pakdai

The cartoon has become a reason for children to enjoy themselves while watching the show centred on Doggy Don, Clout, Lambu, and Motu. The character engages in amusing activities that children find appealing.


10)   Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu has taken a place among the top ten, but he has also taken a place in every child's heart. Motu, as the name implies, enjoys food, whereas Patlu maintains his slim figure. They create amusing situations around them, and children are fascinated by this. There are numerous shows that have helped children enjoy their time while learning new skills. It is a time for them to relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about anything else.



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