The Wooden Axe and the Woodcutter

Monday, 12 July 2021 21:11 PM

There was a poor woodcutter who lived in a village, nearby the river banks. He used to go to the forest, which was near the river banks. He carried a wooden axe to cut the trees.

One day, he went to the forest and was cutting trees. While he was cutting woods, his Axe slipped out of his grip and went to the river. The poor woodcutter started crying by sitting on the banks. He was worried about losing the Axe because he cannot cut woods anymore without the Axe.

Listening to the ardent tears, The river goddess appeared in front of him. She asked the woodcutter about the cause for his grief. He started crying and informed about the Axe falling into the river water and told that he does not know to swim.

The Goddess consoled him and asked him to wait. She went inside the river and brought a Golden Axe for him.

She asked the poor woodcutter showing the Golden Axe if that belongs to him. The poor woodcutter rubbed his tears and saw the golden Axe. He informed the Goddess that it was not his Axe and ignored to accept it.

The Goddess looked at him and asked him to wait again. She went back inside the river and came back with a Silver Axe. She again asked the woodcutter if that Silver Axe belongs to him.

The worried woodcutter looked at the Axe and screamed at the Goddess. He informed that his Axe is wooden, and the one which the Goddess is showing does not belong to him.

The Goddess realized the distress of the woodcutter, and she went back again inside the river. This time she came back with the wooden Axe that belonged to the woodcutter.

As soon as the woodcutter saw the Axe, he was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. He pounced and caught hold of the Wooden Axe. The tears of joy rolled down from his eyes. He expressed his gratitude and rubbed his tears. The Goddess saw the joyousness on his face on receiving the wooden Axe. It created a blissful environment, and she asked the woodcutter if he had got any prayers.

The woodcutter bowed down on his knees in front of the Goddess and folded his hands. He asked the Goddess to bless him with a healthy and happy soul. He also prayed to the Goddess for his family and asked for a happy life.

The Goddess was happy with the prayers. She realized that instead of poverty, the woodcutter was not greedy. The Goddess asked him to wait and went inside the river. When she returned, the woodcutter saw she was holding the Golden and Silver Axe. The Goddess came in front of the woodcutter and offered him both the Axes. She informed him that she is overwhelmed seeing the generosity of the woodcutter.

Hence, it is honesty and generosity that bring happiness and blessings. We should never be jealous of seeing any item that never belongs to us.





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