The Seraphic Backwater

Malvika Choudhary
Saturday, 05 June 2021 19:50 PM

India is a place of serenity with euphoric places. The country has got beautiful landscapes that would make any person feel gleeful. These places bring repose to our minds and soul. 

After my marriage, we planned to travel to Kerala for our honeymoon. Hence, we decided to travel in March. The elated weather made it easy to explore the myriad facets of the place. Hill Stations, beaches, and the backwaters are the major attractions of this place. This story would describe the adventure through the Backwaters in Ernakulam.

Ernakulam is also known as Cochin. The city is also known as "Queen of the Arabian Sea" due to its bewildering shoreline and abundant water resources that enrich its biodiversity. I have always heard about the exploration of backwaters in houseboats. However, I got the opportunity to fulfill that passion on that day. We drove from the hotel to reach Alappuzha and had hired a houseboat to explore the ecstatic backwaters to the Vembanad Lake and the enthralling Pathiramanal Island. 

The summer had got the scorchy heat above our heads. We were waiting for our houseboat to get allocated on the ferry ghat. I can comprehend the ecstatic scenes of numerous Malayalam movies and blockbuster Bollywood movies. The time came to board our family-owned villa floating on the Vembanad lake. We were served Coconut water as a welcome drink on boarding the boat.

It swam through lush green coconut groves. Our captain was controlling the wheels of the boat. There was a chef at the back who was cooking the delicacy of Kerala. Overall, it was a feeling of serenity and mindfulness. The incredible natural beauty and remarkable scenic views made me discern God's own country. I can see those tiled colonial bungalows and various houses of worship from the balcony of my houseboat. Unfortunately, I was not lucky to see the glorious backwater boat race shown in several movies.

The waterbirds like darters, Kingfishers, Gadwall, terns, and others have enkindled the natural beauty with their presence. 

The White Pines, Coconut trees, Palm trees, pandanus shrubs, and various leafy plants created a virescent shade to the encircling panoramas.

While I was with my husband enjoying the ride, I can see the other houseboats are plying through the backwater carrying other tourists. We were very excited. The chef served the lunch that contained items of non-veg for me and my husband. Amongst those items, I still remember the distinctive taste of Karimeen fish fry. It was delicious!

When the finger-licking food along with the blissful view combines, it creates a seraphic mind. Exploring the backwaters evidence the existence of a unique ecosystem. However, the tour was an expeditious getaway from the daily bustles of life with your loved ones. I have soaked myself in nature through its exceptional approach and had experienced the breathtaking beauty of faraway lands.

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