The Lost Saviour

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 20:54 PM

The world is going through a Pandemic situation.

COVID 19 attacked people, and there is a lockdown across the country. Everyone is running to the hospitals for treatment. Some are getting deprived, while few are dying due to this pandemic. At times, we see people are not getting treatment and running to and fro. The medical expenses are high, and few are unable to pay the hospital bills.


I knew a Doctor who used to stay in our locality. Considering this uncalled situation, he started treating these patients at a low cost. At that time, I have seen him treating people without taking any fees. While the other Doctors, refusing to treat the patients, he was the only person available for the localities. He used to reach out to the doors to treat the people irrespective of their severities. I have seen him provide medicines, food, and also money to the needy. There were instances he worked day and night in his chamber. He skipped his meals and rendered food to the poor.

One day, I heard people screaming outside in my locality. I peeped from my window to know what happened. In the beginning, I thought it might be there is general chaos in the locality. At times, in my locality, few people get drunk and quarrel amongst each other. Hence, I did not pay any heed and went back to my room.


The next day, I saw people outside my house. They are loitering in the streets. There were a lot of people in front of the Doctor's house. I woke up and got my masks. I went out to see what had happened. I can see the sadness in my area. Few people were crying. It seemed they are missing their god. I enquired and understood the Doctor got attacked with COVID 19. He went to one of the renowned hospitals in the city. All were crying and were depressed.

I consoled people everything would be alright.

We went to the hospital to enquire about the status. There was no information or any updates conveyed by the hospital. All of us waiting in the corridors and not been allowed to see the Doctor. At around seven in the evening, we got information that the Doctor's condition is not well. He is now in the Intensive Care Unit. There is a requirement for oxygen.

Now, the administration of the hospital asked the family member to check in the billing counter. His daughter went to the billing counter. We were also waiting behind her to know about the bill. We were shocked to hear that it was almost a Ten lakhs rupees bill due. Suddenly, one of the nurses approached us and informed us the Doctor is no more. That time, we were shocked. We were unable to react to the situation. We were unable to accept the hospital bills and the life of the Doctor.

We returned our homes and started reaching out to people to take donations. In the end, we cleared the bill with the help of everyone. However, we lost the battle and lost our favorite Doctor.

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