The Lost Necklace

Abha Verma
Monday, 12 July 2021 20:22 PM

Whenever there is any occasion, we would see the women like to adore jewelry. It is the story of a neighbor.

Leela stays with her husband. Her husband is a Clerk and earns very little at the end of the month.

Leela works in a beauty parlor. However, they are working hard to build their house and trying to uplift their living.


One day, we heard that one of our neighbor's sons is getting married. This neighbor is a rich man and a renowned personality. Hence, he had invited everyone in our locality. It also includes Leela and her husband. Getting the invitation, Leela was happy at that moment. However, after some time, she realized that she had got no jewelry to wear. Leela wanted to speak with her husband about the situation. But, she thought it would make her husband depressed. Hence, Leela checked her piggy bank to find money to buy an ornament. Unfortunately, she does not have enough money.


She remembered that one of her clients was rich. Moreover, that client was very close to her because of Leela's behavior and service. Therefore, she thought to reach her to borrow an ornament.

Leela picked up her cell phone and called her client.

She informed the situation and asked for help. The client agreed to lend her a necklace and asked her to meet her at her residence.


Leela brought the necklace from her client's residence. At night she opened the ornament case and was glad to see the design. It was attractive.


It was the reception day. Leela wore the necklace and stood in front of the mirror. Her husband saw the ornament and was surprised by its design. He asked her about the jewelry and also informed her that it might be very precious. Leela told her husband that she had borrowed from her client and would return it the next day.


They left for the reception and enjoyed the party. After returning home, they went to their respective rooms to freshen up. The husband was washing his face and was shocked to hear a scream. He ran to the next room and saw Leela was sitting on the bed in disguise.


He asked her, "What happened, dear ?"


Leela started crying and informed that she had lost the necklace. Both of them searching their dresses and unfortunately cannot find them. The next day the husband went to the bank to get a loan and bought the same jewelry to return to the lady. The price of the ornament was huge. Hence, the installments were for ten years. It led to a worse situation.

One day Leela met her client. She was surprised to see their situation. She asked her about the reason. Leela informed her about the story of the lost necklace. The client was surprised and said that the ornament that she had lent was not a real one.

It was a tragic moment for the couple, and they had lost everything to repay the necklace.




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