The Lazy Tortoise

Thursday, 15 July 2021 21:35 PM

It is a small story about a rabbit and a tortoise. We might have heard this story during our childhood days. However, I felt to draft it, rewinding those childhood memories.


Once upon a time, a tortoise was challenged by a rabbit to go for a race. The rabbit was confident about winning the race before it got commenced. The rabbit stood behind the line and was waiting for the tortoise to join. The rabbit was smiling at the tortoise, seeing the animal crawling slowly to approach the lines. It proudly said to the other animals that it would win the race and get the first prize. All the animals congratulated the rabbit before the race started and also started laughing at the lazy tortoise.

However, the tortoise never lost his hope and reached the starting line. The time approached to commence the race. A monkey volunteered to be the starter of the race, and he called both of them and informed the rules before it started. They both agreed and set themselves ready for the competition.

The monkey whistled, and both of them started. The rabbit leaped on its hind legs and started running. However, the tortoise started crawling with the four limbs. After few minutes, the rabbit realized it had run for miles and cannot see the tortoise for miles. The rabbit understood that the tortoise is slow and might take more time to catch him. Hence, he thought to rest as he was feeling tired. He found a tree and decided to lie under its shade. After few minutes, the rabbit went to sleep.

Suddenly with noise, the rabbit woke up and felt that he slept for a longer time. Once he woke up, he started to look for the tortoise. He realized that the tortoise might not reach yet. He got overconfident and smiled. He again started to run. When he approached the deadline, he was surprised to see the tortoise waiting with the other animals for him.

The tortoise was a lazy animal and cannot run fast in comparison to the rabbit. The lazy tortoise was slow in its race. However, It had not lost its hope and kept its momentum steady. When it was passing through, it found the rabbit sleepy and had not disturbed the sleep of the rabbit. It might have taken a long time. However, his steadiness had made him win. Moreover, the lazy tortoise was not overconfident. It had used its efforts to participate in the race honestly.

This story carries a strong moral, and we should utilize it in our life. We should never get overconfident and should always maintain a steadiness in our activities. If we got talent, then we should not be proud of that. We should utilize our talent wisely and wait for the results. There might be lots of barriers in our life. However, we should overcome them wisely. We should reach the end line and enjoy our victory.

The moral of the story says, " Slow and steady wins the race.".

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