The First Kiss

Harsh Bahri
Tuesday, 13 July 2021 20:16 PM

Falling in love is like a dream for youngsters. Similarly, the first kiss makes wonder and, it is eternally a memorable day.

It was a sunny day in February, Ramin and Baisakhi flunked their classes. Like every day, they love to be with each other, holding hands and walk together across the streets of Kolkata. They were very much fond of the street foods like Bhelpuri, Papri chaat, and other delicious and mouth-watering foods available at the streets of the Newmarket.

Their love for each other was unconditional. They had never kissed each other. Hence, they decided that they would kiss and mark that day as an eternal day of their romantic life. However, they were confused about the place to initiate that activity. As they were in a management college, they got college uniforms, and it was not easy for them to get close physically.

Therefore, they thought to visit, Millenium park which is at the banks of the river Ganges.

The mesmerizing scenic beauty would put any people in awe. They searched for a bench facing the Ganges and got settled close to each other. There were a lot of people around them. Both of them were excited and were also feeling tensed. It was their first love and would also turn to be the First Kiss. Ramin was trying to console his mind and was trying to move his face towards Baisakhi. Unfortunately, his attempts were not successful. Because whenever he was trying to kiss Baisakhi, someone was passing through them. The shyness amongst them was preventing them from fulfilling their dream.

Suddenly, Baisakhi discovered a couple was sitting under a banyan tree. They were sitting closer to each other and was kissing each other without being ashamed of their surrounding. They were engrossed in the activity and were not paying any heed to the people passing by them. It came into notice by Baisakhi, and she asked Ramin to check out.

Eventually, it encouraged Ramin, and he took that as a challenge. He kept aside his shyness and moved his lips towards Baisakhi. The sunset at the horizon and the scenic beauty of the park created a romantic trance. Ramin came close to Baisakhi and held her tight. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes. They forgot about the place and also about the people around them. The shyness flew away, and an eternal feeling arose within them. They held each other tight and started to kiss each other. That was the moment they were waiting to get close to each other. Baisakhi lost her control and surrendered her heart and soul to Ramin. She started to scribble Ramin's shirt and got engrossed with the situation. It was a day for celebration for both of them and hence, continued for a longer time. They have never experienced this moment before. Slowly, they tried to get settled and hugged each other. Baisakhi kept her head over the chest of Ramin and congratulated her for the First Kiss.

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Very beautifully expressed :p

I can relate to my college days when I was dating this really beautiful girl.