The Emotional Lily

Rishi Sandhu
Friday, 04 June 2021 18:23 PM

Stories are the events that demonstrate real-life tales. We go through many circumstances that shock us. But they prevail the harmony in our minds. 

I was driving through the roads of Dwarka. It was a busy week for me in the office. 

The financial year rolled out. Along with my team, we worked hard and prepared all the reports to support our leadership team. After ending up, I said bye to my team and was driving home. 

I was listening to a sweet melody. My eyes were closing and were feeling drowsy. 

I stopped by and washed my face. There was no one nearby. I can see the deserted road in front of me. I paid no heed to that situation and again started driving. 

Suddenly I received a call on my phone. I ignored the call. However, it kept on ringing. I peeped on my phone and found that it was my manager calling. Several thoughts ran into my mind If in case I did anything wrong. I consoled my mind that I have completed everything and have not left anything uncompleted. 

I picked up the phone and said, " Hey Lily, I was driving back home. if there is anything, ping me."

Lily started crying over the phone and was not saying anything. I stopped my car and asked her what had happened. But she was gibberish and was crying out loud. I got scared for a moment and asked Lily to let me know if I can help her. However, she did not stop. I can hear some noises in the background. Suddenly, the phone got disconnected. I was surprised by this behaviour. For a moment, My mind was not working. I put my gear in reverse to head towards the office. Through the way, several thoughts run through my mind. I was worried about my supervisor Lily. She might be in any problem.

I parked my car in the parking area. The security guard was gazing at me and was surprised by my unsaid presence. I ran to the lobby and pressed the lift keys to open. 

The lift took me to the 11th floor at the top of the tower. I entered my office floor. I can see the flickering lights inside the conference rooms. 

"Lily, Lily, can you hear me. Are you there"

Suddenly I can hear someone is murmuring behind me. My body started to become heavy. The sweat was rolling from my forehead. I pulled out my phone to call Lily again. But my phone was out of energy and went off. I was worried about Lily and started to remember her scolding face in my mind.

For a moment, my ears memorized those voices of emotional Lily. She was crying but could not hear her words. 

Suddenly, someone from my back hugged me tight, and the lights switched on. 

" Happy Birthday, Dear"

All my team members with Lily appeared in front of me. I forgot it was midnight and it was my birthday. 

They wished me and surprised me!  :P :D

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