The Blue Heaven

Friday, 28 May 2021 14:43 PM

India is a heavenly abode. It has got mountains and oceans guarding the land. The beauty of the greens would admire the eyes of seclusion. Waterfalls from the top of the mountains and the backwaters across the land are exemplary of beauty. This beauty would lead to serenity.

It is the story of Andaman and Nicobar Island. I flew with my family from Mumbai in April. When I landed at the Port Blair airport, I was surprised by the arrangements at the airport. It looks like the British airports that we see in the early movies. It commenced the endeavor of experiencing nature with the naked eyes. 

It is the story of my experience that I have discovered under the sea. When I traveled to Neil Island from Port Blair, I heard about scuba diving and other water activities. My dad was not confident in me as I had some asthmatic tendencies. However, I managed to console him at the eleventh hour. I reached Neil Island on a cruise from Port Blair with my family. I was searching for a club that would help me in exploring the beauty under the sea. When I reached there, I saw people on the water with their diving suits, getting ready for the sea sport. I rushed to a nearby diving club and enquired about the features that they would provide on completion. I was enthusiastic about the opportunity and wanted to meet the creatures under the blue world. 

Once I entered the club, they provided me with a swimming suit. I still remember that moment when my dad was waiting outside. He was looking more nervous than me. He approached me and asked me if I could do it. I held his hands and affirmed him showing others.

The swimming costume draped on me. I took the oxygen cylinders on my back and looked at my trainer. For the first fifteen minutes, I was on the shore with my trainer to understand the functionalities. He helped me with the hand signals and trained me on inhaling the oxygen from my cylinder. The oxygen level was showing on the scuba regulators. I wore the scuba mask and fitted it with my jaws. 

The prime time approached when my trainer helped me to swim to the seabed. He held me firmly and asked me not to propel. I was floating inside the water. I was awestruck by the beauty of the blue world. The flocks of fishes with a variety of colors swam in front of me. I can see the lights coming from the bottom of the sea. Some shades amazed my eyes. The species under the sea got different shapes and colors. The starfish, oysters, cucumber fish, corals, swamps, and other varieties of species were in front of me. I was touching them, and for a moment, I was also living with them. 

It was an experience that shook me around when I came out of the water. I still can see those glimpses of happiness around those creatures under the blue heaven. 

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Even i've been to Andaman and it's a very beautiful place...