Shimla has left an indelible impression on me

Shashi Suri
Wednesday, 17 November 2021 23:19 PM

When we were in Shimla, there were days when the weather was really spectacular, and it was one of the best places to live life in peace. When you're at a spot like this, nature exposes its genuine colours. We admire nature, and nature always responds with a smile. Life is considerably slower and more peaceful there. In nature, the people there are quite nice. There is a lovely mall road that I believe is the greatest because it is a long road with shops, restaurants, and other amenities. You have some incredible things to eat over there. Shimla is the ideal destination for everyone who enjoys hot tea and delectable momos. When you look between those gorgeous mountains at sunset, I still remember it. Shimla is my favourite destination because it provides the calm that we sorely miss in our daily life.

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