Send photos privately to your friends | Instagram Know How

Thursday, 15 December 2022 13:22 PM

There are a ton of lesser-known Instagram settings, hacks, and search tools that can help you step up your Instagram game. And we've gathered them all together here. There are Instagram tips and features here for everyone, from recruiters trying to highlight your company's culture to e-commerce marketers to those simply looking to utilize Instagram as effectively as possible.

Send photos privately to your friends

There are more methods of sharing material on Instagram besides posting photographs for your entire following or for the general public. Additionally, you can send them to one or more users, much like a Facebook message or group SMS message. You have the option of sending friends a brand-new photo or one that you or another else has already shared. Upload a photo and start modifying it like you would when creating a new post if you want to transmit a fresh photo privately. When prompted, choose "Direct Message" after tapping the area at the top of the "Share" page where it automatically says "New Post." You may then pick and choose who you want to send the picture to from there. The mailbox icon is located in the top right corner of your homepage and may be used at any moment to access your direct messages. Open the post you wish to share, which can be your own or someone else's as long as the latter has a public account, in order to transmit an existing photo privately. Select the recipient when the "Send to" box appears by clicking the paper airplane-like icon located beneath the post.

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