Respect others and be humble

Abha Verma
Friday, 16 July 2021 23:34 PM

Once upon a time, in a faraway desert, there was a rose who was quite proud of her lovely appearance. Her only gripe was that she was growing alongside an unsightly cactus.

Every day, the lovely rose would make fun of the cactus' appearance, but the cactus kept silent. All of the other plants in the area tried to persuade the rose, but she was too influenced by her own appearance.

During one particularly hot summer, the desert became parched, and the plants were left without water. The rose began to wilt swiftly. Her lovely petals withered and lost their vibrant colour.

She noticed a sparrow dipping his beak into the cactus to take some water when she turned her gaze to it. Despite her embarrassment, the rose requested the cactus for some water. The benevolent cactus quickly consented, and as friends, they helped each other get through the difficult summer.

Life is all about appreciating others and not criticizing them unnecessarily. Respect others and be humble.

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