Problems lead to success

Little Heart
Monday, 07 June 2021 01:50 AM

A straight line in an ECG means we are not alive. Hence, ups and downs in life are crucial to keeping us going. It is a famous quote on failure by the leading industrialist of the country named Ratan Tata.

Whenever we are into a problem, we get demotivated and feel depressed. However, it would never lead to success. 

I remember the initial days as a process trainer. Before becoming a process trainer, I was a doer of a leading organisation. It was not easy for me during the initial days to serve the role. I was trying to understand my Key responsibility areas. My supervisor used to scold me daily for missing the throughputs and the SLA. Every morning I used to wake up thinking about the consequences waiting for me. The conference calls were not good going. I was struggling every day. At times, depression makes me feel sick. I started to suffer from headaches and nausea. Failures knocking at my door were pulling me down and leading to devastating consequences in my personal life as well. I was getting obscene with my family members and was adversely acting on them. My relation with my colleagues was also not good. The salacious behaviour was leading to a rude character inside me.

One day, I was sitting at my desk and was thinking about what was going wrong. When I was thinking about the past events, I found that I was only reacting to the problems. Every day, I was only creating a problem. I had never laid back to realise the root cause. Hence, I asked my mind to get the reasons. 

My primary workaround contained noting down the problems that I was facing. Every issue had been asked with five why to understand the root cause. I kept myself unbiased to the situation and wrote down all the reasons. Every answer to the question made me realise that there was a lack of skills within me. If there are no skills, it would never develop any outcome for personality development.

Hence, I started to browse for the best way to adopt those skills. The first thing that I did, I went to the learning portal to apply for some courses that would help me develop my learning ability. I devoted my days to gaining knowledge from those courses. Later, I went to my trainees and tried to understand their behavioural traits. I kept my mind calm and answered every question of my trainees without reacting to them. I approached my seniors to learn about their expectations. The deliverables went through a streamlined process. Daily updates made my seniors happy with my performance. Later, that quarter I was nominated as the best performer of the quarter.

It was not easy for me when I was going through the problems. However, the issues have instigated an enigma to work more and develop my persona. The investments I made for myself had helped me a lot in sustaining that moment. 

It is always fun when you get success. However, those moments lead to chivalry when we get awarded.

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