My Superhero, My Father

Saturday, 24 July 2021 17:39 PM

Most of the time, Daddy is unreasonable. All I want to do is have a good time. No, Daddy says.

 Daddy forbids me from walking across the glass coffee table. I want to jump out of bed and make the floorboards thud and the lights on the ceiling downstairs sway, but Daddy says no.

 I'd like to play during lunch, but Daddy refuses. He informs me that if I keep being silly, I won't be able to watch TV, and I refuse.

 I don't always pay attention since what he says is monotonous. When he gets to four, he counts to five, and I do what he says. I assumed he was bluffing, but he wasn't. I keep it a secret from him that this is how I learned to count.

 When Daddy says no, I cry because I know Mummy will say yes and scold Daddy. Mummy, on the other hand, says no. Then I give Mummy kisses and smile. I can tell she's considering saying yes. I can win with only a few more kisses. Daddy rolls his eyes as he looks at Mummy. Mummy sighs and says no after looking at Daddy. You're the devil, Daddy. Mummy was on the verge of agreeing with me.

 I want to ride my scooter outside in the rain. Yes, Daddy says. No, Mummy says. It isn't raining much, according to Daddy, but Mummy says no. Why does Mummy always say yes to me yet say no to Daddy so easily? We're both guys. I guess Daddy isn't as enamored with me as I am with him.

 Daddy is the one who puts me to bed. He claims I'm exhausted. No, I say. He claims that if I don't go to bed, there will be no bedtime stories. He does a five-count. There will be no bedtime stories. He brushes my teeth and puts on my pajamas. I'm looking for stories. Okay, says Daddy. You're the winner. 

He has so many stories to narrate. He is My Superhero, My Father...

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