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Saturday, 14 January 2023 08:56 AM

Mudjimba Beach provides the best of both worlds in terms of water activities. The Maroochy River and the Pacific Ocean both encircle the area's three or more kilometers of soft sand beaches. You may swim in the waves, surf some swells, ride a boogie board, and relax on the coasts while listening to the sound of the ocean. Take a leisurely trek around Pincushion Island, a picture-perfect outcropping, to the protected river mouth if you prefer calmer waters or want to avoid the wind. Here, you may kayak on smooth water or swan around in the pristine lake. There are several empty sections of beach and water at Mudjimba. As always, swimmers should avoid the area near the guard tower of Mudjimba Surf Club. Unwary swimmers risk being carried away by the currents and rips in this area. From the shore, you can see Mudjimba Island, one of the Sunshine Coast's top snorkeling locations, which is the beach's most recognizable landmark. Around its rocky shores, marine life flourishes. Additionally, there are some good fishing sites along the entire beach as well as in the river that is surrounded by mangroves. Considering taking your dog to the beach? Likewise, Mudjimba Beach checks this box. On the well-known off-leash North Shore Dog Beach, Rover is free to run amok and splash about in the river. It's one of the Sunshine Coast's top dog-friendly beaches. 

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