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Saturday, 12 November 2022 10:56 AM

Mount Bromo

On the Ring of Fire, which contains some of the planet's most active volcanoes, is where Indonesia is located. Several of the nation's volcanoes, like Mount Merapi, are renowned for their ferocious eruptions and their breathtaking, albeit hazardous beauty.

Due in large part to its breathtaking vistas, especially when seen standing above the crater at daybreak, Mount Bromo is among the most well-known mountains. In an eruption, Bromo's peak was destroyed, yet white smoke is still seen rising from the mountain.

The volcano is a part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which is also home to Java's tallest peak, Mount Semeru. The Tengger people, a remote ethnic group with roots in the historic Majapahit empire, call the park home.

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