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Friday, 11 November 2022 11:06 AM

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Kanchanaburi is well known for its sinister ties to WWII, particularly the building of the Bridge over the River Kwai. The bridge, known for being a part of the "Death Railway," was constructed utilising forced labour donated by Allied prisoners of war and was intended to connect Thailand with Burma (Myanmar).

Many British soldiers were among the over 16,000 POWs who lost their lives while the railway was being built. During the war, the bridge was heavily bombed and damaged, but it was rapidly rebuilt and is still standing today. However, the majority of the railway line was ultimately abandoned or never completed.

Nowadays, it is feasible to travel from one side of the bridge to the other by short train or by walking across its confined side platforms. While the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre uses interactive exhibits and video exhibits to tell the tale of the railway construction and the men who gave their lives for it, the nearby Kanchanaburi War Cemetery serves as the final resting place for the numerous prisoners of war who died here.

The World War II Museum & Art Gallery and the JEATH War Museum, two themed museums, provide more context for the era through their collections of artwork, documents, and WWII-era armaments.

Kanchanaburi also provides a more leisurely side in the form of breathtaking natural beauty for those with some additional time to explore. The Erawan Falls, a seven-tier waterfall with emerald green ponds concealed in the dense rainforest, are about 90 minutes north of the bridge.

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