I hope to inspire you with my experience

Friday, 28 May 2021 15:29 PM

During my childhood days, my father shared a story with me. I was not that matured to understand that story. However, it was fun for me to read. 

He used to share with me the story of "Robert the bruce and the Spider." 

Robert the Bruce was a legend and had been victorious in winning Scotland's independence against the British. However, that was not an easy moment for him because he was defeated several times by the British. He was broken and forced to hide inside a cave. While he was hiding inside the cave, he saw a spider. He noticed that the spider was trying to weave a web. 

The spider was trying to climb up on the wall. Alas, it was falling. 

However, the spider kept on trying until and unless the silk caught hold at the top of the wall. This exertion led to the inspiration to Robert the Bruce. Despite all the overwhelming odds, he returned with glory. 

The story was always a trivial joy to hear. However, after my college days, those struggles had made me recall those lines from my dad. I was working with a leading organization in Kolkata as an executive for the past five years. It was not easy for me to perform the same way for five years. I kept trying to get promoted. However, I failed to grab an opportunity. When I returned home from my workplace, I thought of quitting it the next day. However, my dad consoled me and asked me not to lose hope and identify the areas of concern that deter me from the opportunities. 

During my weekend, I started to recall those moments of interviews. I tried to understand what went wrong and started discussing it with my dad. My dad had always been a tutor and support for me at all levels. Hence, it was easy for me to get guidance and proper feedback. Once he heard my conversation, he helped me to understand the skills that I was lacking. Subsequently, he guided me to go through several online courses available in the web portal. I took a challenge within myself and started to weave those skills within me. It took me a week or two to learn few excel courses and VBA projects from the internet.

Now, I am appointed as a Senior Business analyst for a leading organization and leading a team of twenty people in analytics. I was a graduate from a renowned institute in the town and had learned Business administration. However, those days were struggling moments for me to grab an opportunity. I was performing a monotonous job. However, I had never identified the areas of opportunities. Though it took time to understand, the glory in achieving the position is a cherishing moment for me. 

A chef in a restaurant takes 30 minutes to cook a dish. However, when we eat, we remember the taste for a lifetime. It is because of the effort that he devotes to create the food. 


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