How to Put on a Bonnet & How to Preserve Curls at Night

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Friday, 09 September 2022 11:18 AM

Tips on #preserving the #curl

There are more ways you can keep your curls while you sleep besides lying on your side or stomach.

1. Use a #pillowcase made of #silk or satin

The diameter of your hair shaft changes depending on the shape of your curls if you are of African or Hispanic descent and have curly hair. This indicates that the thickness of your hair shaft isn't uniform throughout, which may increase the risk of breakage. It can stress your hair follicle and increase the likelihood of breaking when you toss and turn when you sleep. During the night, switch the surface your curls are resting on to prevent frizz and breakage. Even those with a high thread count might scratch against your hair strands and absorb natural oils from your hair. You can safeguard the structure of your hair by using a silk or satin pillowcase.

It might also help keep your head cooler and keep your scalp from becoming oily as an added bonus. This might reduce the amount of washing required.

2. Use a #bonnet or a #headscraf

A bonnet or headscarf can protect your hair and serve another purpose. These hair accessories not only prevent your hair from rubbing against your sheets and becoming frizzy, but they also keep it in place as you sleep, preserving the structure of your curls.

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