How many times have we been caught lying to others? 🧐

Bedtime Stories
Monday, 28 February 2022 15:35 PM

A long time ago, some sailors set sail in their sailing ship. For the lengthy voyage, one of them brought his pet monkey with him. A severe storm overturned their ship when they were far out at sea. Everyone was swept into the sea, and the monkey was certain he would perish. A dolphin emerged out of nowhere and grabbed him. They arrived on the island quickly, and the monkey descended off the dolphin's back. 

"Do you know this place?" the dolphin inquired of the monkey. 

"Yes, I do," the monkey said. In fact, the island's king is one of my closest friends. "Are you aware that I am a prince?"

"Well, well, so you are a prince!" the dolphin exclaimed, knowing that no one resided on the island. Now you have the opportunity to be a king!"

"How can I be a king?" the monkey wondered.

"That is simple," he replied as the dolphin began to swim away. You will automatically be king because you are the sole species on this island!"

The moral of this story is that we should never lie because we will lose all respect from other people if we do.

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