Feast at Eat Street Northshore

Friday, 13 January 2023 08:15 AM

Feast at Eat Street Northshore

It's like a festival for your taste sensations at Eat Street Northshore. This nightlife hotspot offers an international menu, a carnival-like ambiance, and rockin' live music all at the same time. Eat Street is a pedestrian-only area, so the whole family is welcome to explore it, even your dog. One highlight is food. There are hundreds of merchants selling goodies from all over the world, including paella from Peru and food from Malaysia, Mexico, and Mexico. In no way is it gourmet cuisine, but if you're looking for some unique takes on foreign comfort meals, here is the place to go. Who wants a mac and cheese burger? pizza from Japan? Camembert deep-fried? Everything is available here. A little bit of the bewildering variety of foods might be frustrating. Purchasing some plates to split and sampling a bit of each of your favorites is a great plan of action. Children will adore the enormous clouds of cotton candy known as "fairy floss," but once the sugar rush wears off, parents may not be so thrilled.

Coming here while on a diet is not recommended. However, some retailers do provide gluten-free products. However, you can at least feel better knowing that Eat Street is trying to be sustainable while you're stuffing your face with doughnut fries. All of the vendors are housed in colorful shipping containers, fresh produce is grown on-site, packaging is compostable, and as much waste as possible is recycled. You can choose a table according on your interest in music and shift it during the evening as there are several stages where live musicians and novelty acts perform. Insider's Tip: Parking is free, but boarding a ferry to the Northshore Hamilton Ferry Terminal, just a 250-meter walk away, is a great way to get here. Wear stretchy pants and your walking shoes.

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