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Thursday, 15 December 2022 13:11 PM

There are a ton of lesser-known Instagram settings, hacks, and search tools that can help you step up your Instagram game. And we've gathered them all together here. There are Instagram tips and features here for everyone, from recruiters trying to highlight your company's culture to e-commerce marketers to those simply looking to utilize Instagram as effectively as possible.

Create Stories Highlights to show Stories for longer than a day

Similar to Snapchat, updates to your story only remain visible to your followers for a 24-hour period. However, there are occasions when a narrative merits more time to be conveyed.

This is where Instagram's Tales Highlights feature, which enables you to keep stories collectively on your profile page, comes in. This explains what that "New" button with the "+" icon underneath your profile photograph is for those who have ever been curious. You can choose any number of previous stories in your album by tapping this New option to create a Stories Highlight.

Give it a name and a cover photo after which it will appear on your profile page as its own Instagram Story. By tapping this tale while holding on the button, you may always delete the Stories Highlights.

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