Correct Siri’s mispronunciation of a name

Tuesday, 13 December 2022 12:39 PM

Your iPhone is nothing less than a wonderful machine that can perform hundreds of tasks and replace a number of widespread tools. However, even the most enthusiastic iPhone users are unable to fully utilize it since they are unaware of all of its features. This article seeks to showcase one of the many unknown but equally interesting aspects of the iPhone that may greatly increase your productivity and be beneficial in a variety of day-to-day scenarios. So let's get started!

Correct Siri’s mispronunciation of a name

Some people have names that are challenging for Siri to understand and pronounce. However, unlike individuals who consistently mispronounce a name, Siri's pronunciation can be fixed once and for all.

You reply as follows if Siri pronounces someone's name incorrectly:

  1. That's not how you say ____, I'm sorry.

  1. Now, Siri will say: "OK, tell me how to say the name ."

and provide a list of pronunciations that you can tap on to hear spoken aloud. And if none of Siri's suggested pronunciations sound right, just repeat the name to her.

  1. When you find an option you like, simply hit Select, and Siri will say:

OK, that's who it is.

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