Choose your Habit like a Sage

Avinash Chawla
Thursday, 15 July 2021 20:29 PM

We are the humans responsible for our Habits.

The statement is universal. We can neither deny it not we can neglect it.

We are not born from our mother's womb with the habit imbibed within us. Since our childhood, we encounter every moment and get that opportunity to grow those habits within us.

My dad is a teetotaler and has never seen him drink or smoke with his friends and family. My mom is a housewife, and she also does not have any bad habits. However, I smoke and drink. It was not a single-day practice that made me bear those habits within me.

While I was attending my school life, I flunked with some of my senior classmates into a park one day and had got the first puff. Later, I started that and grew it as a habit. Next, I moved myself to do something that would drive me high. Hence, one day I decided to drink with my friends. The sip on the first beer enriched my happiness on that day. Therefore, I took it as a part of my life. Later I got associated with my friends who like to consume drugs. It took me to the next level to become high and hallucinated. Every teen loves the way to become hallucinated and finds it the best way to become social. We don't take time to hold the bottles, smoke cigarettes, and consume drugs. At this stage, we feel that is the fashion and never realize the consequences.

When we do it, we perform them in a state of ignorance. We are not aware of the limitations of our actions and perception. We fight with ourselves to see and experience life differently.

My habits led me to failure. I was not able to concentrate on my personal and professional life. It was hard for me to memorize anything. There were reputations within my health. I was losing my temper and was acting worse with my family members, friends, and colleagues. Life was not easy, and hurdles started to grow. Sleeping for a long time went as usual. It led me to grow old and missing my priorities and purposes in life.

One day, I woke up and thought of starting to leave those habits. I realized that if I have created this shit, then I can make it clean and tidy. Though, It was not that easy. There were turmoils within my health. I started to precipitate and was feeling sick internally.

However, I have consoled my mind and said, "I can grow and change myself. I overcome."

It remained for more than two weeks. Every day was a struggle for me. Gradually, I noticed that it is possible to stay with those habits. The boat sailed without any issue. Meditations and discipline in my life made it easy to overcome those opportunities.

I am now living a life of a sage. If there is any turmoil, my mind reacts to resolve them without any conflict.

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