Capture video without maintaining pressure on the capture button | Snapchat

Monday, 09 January 2023 06:34 AM

This makes it simpler to steadily hold your phone while switching between the front and back cameras. To use this trick, you must be using an iOS device.

    How to proceed

    • Obtain Settings

    • Choose General

    • Click on Accessibility.

    • When the AssistiveTouch function is activated in the Interaction area, a tiny icon will show up on the right side of your screen.

    • Select Create New Gesture.

    • Hold your finger down on the screen on the New Gesture page and let the blue bar at the bottom fill up.

    • Tap Stop

    •  Save, then give the gesture a name.

    • Open Snapchat and tap the tiny symbol before beginning to make a video.

    • A circle should appear on the screen after selecting Custom.

    • The remainder will be handled by your customized gesture after you touch the capture button.

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