Being Vintage in Love

Ritika Bose
Monday, 31 May 2021 13:54 PM

Falling in love does not require any age. This story is about my parents, who would celebrate their 25th anniversary this month of June. 

Since my childhood, I have observed the unconditional love story of my parents. My father is now a retired Central Government employee and, my mother is a housewife.

Before talking about my father, let me introduce my mom. As 

I said she is a housewife and had devoted her 25 years of life to the family. She works 24*7 without getting paid and never gets tired. There were days when she got a high fever but had never applied for any sick leave. Her consistency in work has always admired me. 

Now, let me introduce my father. He is a retired Central Government employee. Since my childhood, I have seen him working through turmoils and had earned respect in public. Moreover, he is also a man of his words. 

I forgot to mention one more thing about my dad - He is a very disciplined man. However, I got the traits of my mother. Though she is a hard-working woman, she lacks discipline in her life. Due to this reason, I have seen lots of quarrels and misunderstandings between them. At times, they stopped speaking to each other and skipped their lunch and dinner. 

Opposite poles attract each other. It was something that I had learned in Physics during my school days. Similarly, when I see both of them, I can experience that practically. 

I still remember those days after the fights. My mother used to call me to know about the health of my father. She cooked food and used to ask me to serve it to my father. Similarly, my father used to give me the medicines of my mother. I took the responsibility to share them with my mother. Though it was a complicated relationship, it never broke. I acted as a bridge to connect the edges. 

Turmoils always exist in life, but they have never lifted their hands. All the time, they put the same effort uniquely. They might not hold their hands in public but, I am sure about the romance that they share for each other is unconditional. 

I have never seen my father and or my mother say I love you. But their commitment proves that they love each other. When my mother falls sick, it is my father who stands firm by her side. Similarly, I saw the same reaction from my mother. 

It might not be an exciting romantic story but being vintage showcases a path of sacrifice and a real romance without failure. Their life is devoted to each other, wherein they hold they hands in need and deed. Whatever be the reasons for their fight, they have never thought to get separated. They have cursed and at times abused each other. However, in reality, they were made for each other and have been together for 25 years.

Being Vintage is not getting old. It bestows earning wisdom in life....

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Hey Ritika, It's a very pleasing story. Parents sacrifice everything for their children. I'm overwhelmed to read such a story...