A Royal weekend sojourn

Kaveri Mehta
Friday, 24 September 2021 22:17 PM

The erstwhile residence of Maharaja Man Singh II and Maharani Gayatri Devi.https://instagram.com/kaverimehta12?r=nametag

Build in 1835, Rambagh Palace has witnessed many Royal traditions to finally being considered the first living palace hotel of India. 

The palace retains its exuberance standing tall with its extravagant alleys, arches, lush manicured gardens. It showcases best of Rajput architecture, with jharokas, hand carved marble jaalis . The corridors are adorned by portraits of the royal families put to life by skilled artists. A royal repose cradled with over 100 peacocks, who come every now and then to say a ‘hello’. 

The rooms, each having a unique experience adorned by exquisite Mughal paintings, Venetian mirrors, diwan overlooking the gorgeous courtyard. The courtyard the heart of the palace draws inspiration from the Mughal gardens and is a sight to behold. 

You are ought to go for a spa therapy at the Jiva spa and not to miss  the Yoga session in the morning. One of the best spa experiences I have had in India. What’s so special about the spa area is the harem style rooms, surrounded by peacocks and landscape that transports you to another era. 

The sounds of the birds chirping, little water bodies sprinkled here and there, all your 5 senses get activated and you achieve a state of pure  bliss. 

Managed by the @tajhotels the palace has undergone transformations for the better but the architectural marvel remains untouched. 

For that dose of royalty, plan your next staycation at the Rambagh Palace. 

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