It's The Soul That Healed Me | My Lockdown Story

Naresh Singh
Tuesday, 15 June 2021 20:32 PM

The pandemic situation had called for a lockdown across the country. I am staying at home for more than a month, and there was no activity. It got a daily routine to wake up, have my lunch, then set up myself for work. 

It went monotonous for me to pass the time. At times, I was getting angry and was reacting with my family. There were instances where I scolded my son a lot. I was unable to concentrate at any work. There was tiredness inside my brain. I was upset about something that I was failing to discover. 

Though I was realizing, I never took any step to recover from any situation. 

One day, my mom came to me and asked me to check my diabetes. Alas, when I checked in the glucometer, I discovered that I am diabetic. My parents started screaming at me. They advised me to prevent taking my favorite sweet dishes.

I pulled my study chair and sat down with a depressed mind. I was thinking about my future, which I had never done in my life. At one point in time, I was feeling angry to leave those delicacies.

It was hard for me to cope with the situation. Suddenly, I noticed one book on my bookshelf which speaks about using your subconscious brain. I picked out the book and started reading. 

For instance, my mind got diverted, and my eyes reading through every sentence in the book. I got engrossed with the author's strategy. The book paved a lot of interesting points. It conveyed the message of healing the soul and treating those unseen enemies inside the body. It, in turn, became a daily habit for me to read the stories.

I started the practices suggested in the book. Those were all simple activities that we can do without taking anyone's help. I began to perform meditation to clean my inner soul. I remembered those steps to activate my subconscious mind. The introspection helped me transform. It helped me to change my inner being and also my behavior.

These indeed helped me to gain respect from my parents. My wife started to discuss with me various situations. I extended my support to my family. My son started playing with me and shared stories. I started realizing that everything was changing. 

Six months went by. I am happy, healthy, and wealthy. It was what I used to remember every moment and murmur before my sleep. Now, this is the reality. 

I stopped taking medicines, and when I checked myself in a glucometer. 

The reading was surprising. 

I am healthy now, and I am no more diabetic. 

It is the soul that heals me. 

I learned the scientific way to heal my inner soul. It involves neurolinguistic programming that helped a lot for me to develop the knowledge. However, activating that spirit inside myself took time. The benefits that I am receiving now are marvelous. Now, I can eat anything and enjoy my life. My habits have changed, and I am leading a healthy and wealthy life with my family. 

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