What was the reason for cyclones in Bengal, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh coasts?


Ms. Chocolaty Girl :p
Wednesday, 02 December 2020 06:39 AM

The coast of Bengal , Odisha and Andhra Pradesh lie on the Bay of Bengal. As we know , The Bay of Bengal is hit by frequent cyclones as it is more enclosed and warmer and receive frequent rainfall. So , Bengal , Odisha and Andhra Pradesh coasts are frequented by cyclones.


  • Bay of Bengal is considered to be one of the  worst disaster prone area in terms of tropical cyclones.
  •  It has a history of deadliest tropical cyclones owing to lowest atmospheric pressure conditions.
  • As per the records twenty-six of the thirty-five deadliest tropical cyclones in world history have been Bay of Bengal storms.  
  • During the past two centuries, 42% of Earth's tropical cyclone-associated deaths have occurred in Bangladesh, and 27% have occurred in India.
  • In fact, five deadliest cyclones have occurred in Bay of Bengal, the deadliest being in 1970 called Cyclone Great Bhola.
  • As per NDMA, on an average five to six storms occur every year and more are formed in the Bay of Bengal region.