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Step 1: Visit your profile page by clicking on the arrow next to ‘LOGOUT’ in the header.

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Step 2: If you don't see your question than simply click "Ask Question" to add it to Lagyan.

You can simply write an answer to a question by clicking the "Answer" button which is present in question’s page below the question.

In case of Videos:

Yes, you can simply paste the YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion or Youku URL to display it in the answer by clicking on the video icon in the editor.

In case of Images:

Yes, you can upload any image by simply clicking on the image icon in the editor.

Yes, we respect the privacy of all and request our users to maintain full discipline on the platform. So, if you find any content to be unfit for users or content that is going against our privacy policy/terms and conditions than you can simply click the “Report” link and flag the question/answer. Our team will review it and if we find that particular question/answer to violating our policies than we’ll remove it from the database and block that specific user. We appreciate your participation and want to convert Lagyan into a big knowledge hub that can help everyone.

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