India issues an advisory for Indian nationals and Indian students living in Canada

Posted on 20 September 2023

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Following a diplomatic dispute over claims that New Delhi was complicit in the shooting of a Sikh separatist near Vancouver, India warned its citizens on Wednesday not to visit certain regions of Canada. According to a foreign ministry statement, threats have specifically targeted Indian diplomats and Indians who disagree with the anti-Indian agenda. The statement also cautioned citizens to "avoid travelling to regions and potential venues in Canada that have seen such incidents." 

"In view of growing anti-India activities and politically-condoned hate crimes and criminal violence in Canada, all Indian nationals there and those contemplating travel are urged to exercise utmost caution. Recently, threats have particularly targeted Indian diplomats and sections of the Indian community who oppose the anti-India agenda. Indian nationals are therefore advised to avoid travelling to regions and potential venues in Canada that have seen such incidents," said the Ministry of External Affairs. Particular caution and attention to detail have been suggested to Indian students studying in Canada. Additionally, Indian citizens and students studying in Canada must register with the MADAD portal at, the Indian High Commission in Ottawa, the Indian Consulates General in Toronto and Vancouver, or both. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, registration will make it easier for the High Commission and Consulates General to communicate with Indian people living in Canada in the event of an emergency or unfavorable situation.

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