Delhi-based startup Lagyan is boosting Indian vloggers

Posted on 01 October 2022

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Lagyan is a social media platform. Recently, a new logo was unveiled. It began as an e-learning platform in 2020 before evolving into a social networking website. Users can submit their own videos or add YouTube videos. Users are able to share blogs on any topic that can be of use to other users. The website frequently updates objective important news and is featured on Google News.

The platform was founded by Chaitanya Chawla, an IT graduate from Amity University Noida. In addition, he has a long list of academic accolades during his time in college. The main reason Chaitanya launched this platform was to add domestic value to the social media industry. He founded this website primarily with the intention of spreading Lagyan's fame throughout the world, not just in India. He wants to support the Make-in-India movement, which has a lot of potential in the digital era.

The length of the videos that users create depends on their preferences. They are able to create videos on topics that appeal to users. Show them incredible experiences, tourist cultures, innovative concepts, new discoveries, or anything else they could find interesting. The platform allows users to sign up for free!